By reading through this pack you should have a better understanding of Autism.
Next time you see a parent struggling with an 'out of control' youngster, think twice, that child may not be able to control their behaviour.
Autistic people often don't like unfamiliarity; this could be a place object or person. This can cause them to feel anxious and frustrated.
Remember, the parent wants to avoid anxiety as much as you do. Be calm, patient and listen.
Avoid speaking in a load voice, as many Autistic people are sensitive to noise. Use a calm gentle tone.
The offer of assistance may go a long way to helping a situation.
Don't assume they are ignoring you if they do not respond.
Bending the 'rules' can sometimes help i.e. taking the parent to the front of the queue relieves the stress from you, the parent and other shoppers.
By helping to provide an environment in which autistic, disabled, and other children with special needs are comfortable shopping with their families. You are holding the key to a brighter future for us all.